About Manna Images:


Manna Images is run by long-time professional photographer Manca Juvan, who along with a BA in Photography has more than a decade of working experience throughout the field and around the world. Her work, published in numerous international publications and exhibited worldwide, has brought her both awards and widespread critical recognition.


Manca’s personal guide to being and doing is rooted in the thoughtful musing of Persian mystic poet Rumi, who says: “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”


Photography for Manca is a way of being; and as a mother herself, her world of images turns a lot around children and families. At the heart of Manna images is a way of photographing life that goes beyond the simple document, instead creating images that endure over generations, that nourish the soul with each and every viewing.


Manca believes a good photograph, next to being visually compelling, is one that captures the spirit, the emotion of a special moment in time. Similarly, a good photographer is not just someone who takes pictures, but is a skilled storyteller.


At Manna images we work to tell your unique stories in a personal, engaging way. In order to do this we have to be adaptable, to be comfortable employing different photographic styles. We listen to you – your story, your desires. And from that we create a vivid, lasting memory, a personal photographic record that satisfies your needs and sense of style.


We love what we do; and we’re confident you will, too.


Photo: I. Herak

Photo: I. Herak

“Photography at its best is not just a trace of time, but an emotion that tells a story for generations to come.” M. Juvan/Manna Images


*Manna Images is based in Slovenia but we’re comfortable working anywhere, near or far.


*You can view some of Manca Juvan’s personal projects here and here.